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"The Infinite Bookshelf" - The Alien Square Pillow

"The Infinite Bookshelf" - The Alien Square Pillow

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This painting captures a timeless moment of anticipation, a reflective hue of thought that glimmers in the eye and stands suspended in time. Within the walls of a sleepy library, time uniquely stands still granting a moment of contemplation and privacy to those within. The vibrant and contrasting colors, each inviting the viewer to wonder. #timeloop #library #artasmeditation #painting #reflection #libraryaesthetic #colorful #contrast #reflection #timelessmoment #mysterious #oasisofcalm #alien #thealiencanva #pillow

- 100% Polyester cover
- 100% Polyester pillow included
- Double sided print
- Concealed zipper

Care Instructions
Remove the pillow cover. Pre-treat the stains with soft cloth or bristle brush that had been soaked in warm soapy water. Machine wash, max 40°C (104°F), normal cycle. Do not bleach, tumble dry on low, do not dry-clean. Iron, steam, or dry low heat only. Fluff to reshape when assembling it back together.

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